First Movements Under Sail

As my interest in sailing grew, I was finally able to get my first opportunity to move under sail. In 2004, joined by my sister Courtney, I went to the beautiful Caribbean Island resort of Punta Cana ( in the Dominican Republic.  There, we were able to take a two-hour lesson on a Hobi Cat catamaran.  Great opportunity right? An initial sailing lesson on a beautiful, fast, manageable catamaran in the caribbean ocean.  The only problem was the lesson was entirely in Spanish.  Now, while I pride myself on my ability to communicate in Spanish, taking on critical instructions that might save my life was quite another matter.  Yes, I was a little...terrified.  However, I absolutely loved it. After a short while sailing with the instructor, teaching me the fundamentals of sail trim, and giving me instructions about how to bring the boat back into the shore,  I was left to my own devices, and to deliver myself and my beloved little sister Courtney, safely back to shore (we made it back, albeit with a somewhat forceful return). This was my first opportunity to captain a sailboat (actually any boat), and I loved it! Later that year, I had another similar lesson in San Juan, Puerto Rico (also in Spanish).  I was much more confident on this outing, and after my lesson, I ended up single-handing the little cat. These were my exciting first movements under sail. First Movements Under Sail