Our "Fantastic Voyage"


Writing these words starts two journeys that are long overdue.  The first journey is an overview of my long process into the world of sailing.  The second journey is designed to specifically capture the process of finding, selecting, and maintaining sailing vessel Arcadia, my beloved Paceship Yachts PY26; my first sailboat.  Of course the title of this blog post is also a reference to the wonderful 1980 hit song Fantastic Voyage by Lakeside. (This song, I've been told, is the unofficial anthem of our sailing club, and I absolutely love it). On this blog, I'll be weaving these two journeys into one coherent whole, but I will tag the first journey Sailing Life and the second journey SV Arcadia to enable the reader to separate them out if desired.  I have wanted to blog about both these topics for some time, and I am delighted to finally be able to do so, with relative ease.  As I move forward, I will try to include photos, videos, and links where relevant.  I look forward to any comments, and I do hope that some of these personal thoughts may be helpful and/or inspirational to others. 

http://www.derrickcogburn.com/arcadia-adventures/2016/2/15/my-fantastic-voyage Our "Fantastic Voyage"